Jim & Mary Netherton's Introductions


*Charity In Action....... $100/DF

Netherton, J. 2019, 3.75"x24", EM-Re, Dor, Dip, Pink red with darker red eye, & yellow green throat.












Gentle Friend .......$100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2019, 5.75"x30", EM-Re, Evegreen, Tet, Cream yellow with strawberry eye & edges, green throat, fragrant.







*Grasp The Beauty....$100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2019, 5.5"x26", M-Re, SE, Tet, Red purple with black veining & thin white edge, green throat, fragrant. 










*Interior Love .... $100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2019, 6"x34", M-Re, Ev, Tet, Orange yellow DOUBLE, with darker center petals & green throat, fragrant.











The Good Life .... $100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2019, 9"x26", EM-Re, SE, Dip, UF/SPIDER, Pale yellow with pink rose halo & large green throat.





We Love Promise ... $100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2019, 2.75"x26", EM-Re, Dor, Dip, Yellow & orange bitone, red eye & large green throat, fragrant.






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