Jim & Mary Netherton's Introductions


*Faithful Majesty....... $100/DF

Netherton, J. 2018, 6"x24", M-Re, Dor, Tet, Yellow with peach overlay, toothy edge, and small dark green throat, fragrant.












Hints of Orange .......$100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2018, 3.25"x26", EM-Re, Evegreen, Dip, Goldenrod with triangular orange eye and olive throat, fragrant.







Memories of Earnest....$100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2018, 2.8"x26", EM-Re, Dor., Light salmon with triangular maroon eye and deep green throat, fragrant











Peaches and Roses .... $100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2018, 3.25"x26", EM-Re, Dor., Dip, Peach with rose red triangular eye, lighter watermark, and green throat., fragrant











*Queen's Dawn .... $100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2018, 6.5"x30", EM-Re, Eve., Tet, Pink blush with raspberry band, cream edge, and yellow green throat, fragrant





*Ron and Pat ... $100.00/DF

Netherton, J. 2018, 7.5"x32", EM-Re, Eve.,Tet, UF crispate, Magenta berry with large yellow to green star shaped throat.






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