Jim & Mary Netherton's Introductions


Adorable Face

Netherton, J. 2016, 3"x26", EM-Re, Dor., Round ruffled peach with wide cerise eye above yellow to bright gr. th.












*Awesome Firefly

Netherton, J. 2016, 6 1/2"x24", M-Re, Ev., Yellow orange DOUBLE, feathered orange halo and orange edges, gr. th., fragrant







Purple Blessing

Netherton, J. 2016, 5"x25", M-Re, Ev., Ruffled rosy purple with purple eye & yellow gr. th., fragrant











*Thankful Praise

Netherton, J. 2016, 6 1/2"x28", MLa-Re, SE, Butter yellow with wide orange edges outlined in yellow, gr. th., fragrant











Three Shades Of Orange

Netherton, J. 2016, 4"x25", EM-Re, Ev., Ruffled pale orange petals, yellow orange sepals, wide rosy orange eye above yellow th., fragrant





Tribute To The Mayor

Netherton, J. 2016, 2 7/8"x26", EM-Re, Dor., Round bright yellow with large triangular violet rose eye & deep gr. th., fragrant






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