Jim & Mary Netherton's Introductions


Canary Beauty

3 1/2", 26", Ev., E-Re, Ruffled canary yellow, large gr. th., fragrant












*Coral's Gift

6 1/2", 26", Dor., M-Re, Toothy peach gold, red orange halo, olive gr. th., fragrant







*Festive Song

5 1/2", 28", SE, M-Re, shell pink, rose eye & edges, yel. to gr. th., fragrant











Red River Song

3", 6", D, EM-Re, Deep red with veining, darker red halo, lighter watermark, gr. th., fragrant











Rhett My Boy

2 3/4", 24", SE, EM-Re, Dark crimson red, lighter sepals, pronounced midribs, yel. gr. th., fragrant





*Royal Queen

6", 28", E, EM-Re, Veined lavender pink, carmine band, lavender watermark, toothy yellow edges, fragrant


*Year of Mercy

7", 24", D, EM-Re, Fuchsia, grape band, lighter watermark, thin white edges, yel. th., fragrant






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